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On The Grove

We grow our 100% Kiwi olives on our single estate olive grove situated on the alluvial flats that flank the Ngaruroro river in Hawke’s Bay. The combination of soil profile, north-west facing aspect and being situated in a region that enjoys some of the highest sunshine hours in New Zealand, produces an intensely rich fruit.

How we then press and process our olives is the defining difference – with the gentlest of handling, the final product offers a taste that is fresh, aromatic and pure.

Kiwi 100% NZ

Matapiro Olives | 1739 Matapiro Road, RD9 Hastings, Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand | Telephone +64 6 874 3231 | Fax +64 6 874 3235 | email:info@matapiro-olives.com